Sunday, May 10, 2009

Back to the Art of it

I am getting back into the studio more and more again these days. And thank goodness, because that's when I feel most like myself. Over the past few years the business end of my art and import business had really taken over all of my time and focus. I love that part as well and I feel fortunate to have all the experiences that it brings to me. But, I am an artist at heart and I am happy to bring that part of me back to my business.

With that, you will find many new additions happening on My artwork section has grown to include my original paintings, photography, digital art, art cards, and will soon offer ACEOs. It is all up and running and will be growing continually over the next few weeks.
You can also check out some of my latest work at my etsy shop. My newest Etsy additions can be viewed over on the side bar of this blog or at

I will still offer unique fair trade items from artisans of Latin America and I will possibly be adding a page of jewelry making materials, such as rain forest seeds and tagua. Let me know if that would be of interest to you.

Come on by and check out all of the new items and changes in the works!

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elsiee said...

getting back in the studio does feel good doesn't it?? Love the photo of the dog - it's wonderful! come on over and visit me sometime: